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The Merchant of Venice

            Critical Evaluation The Merchant Of Venice .
             Task: Explain fully how Shakespeare intertwines the story of Portia and her fathers wishes with Shylock and the Merchant of Venice. .
             "The Merchant of Venice" written by William Shakespeare concerns two very bizarre circumstances. A young heiress in Belmont, Portia has her future husband chosen by her dead father, this is because in her fathers" will he had written that her husband has to be chosen by an adapted version of Russian Roulette. A while afterwards events occur when a Jewish money lender called Shylock to get a forfeit that he should rightfully claim off of a merchant Antonio when the money lent has not been given back. We soon find out that Bassanio becomes a link in between the two circumstances.
             In Act 1 we see Bassanio asks his old friend Antonio for some money to impress in lady he would like to take the hand in marriage of who lives in Belmont. Antonio accepts but cannot get money until his ships come in, so he asks a ruthless Jewish money lender, Shylock.
             Come on, in this there can be no dismay, My ships come home one month before the day".
             Antonio gets the money but he has to agree on a forfeit that if he does not repay the loan to Shylock, Shylock can claim one pound of flesh as a forfeit. The old money lender dislikes Antonio because he is a Christian. Bassanio arrives in Belmont, however to win Portia Bassanio has to choose a casket that is either gold, lead or silver. Luckily Bassanio picks the correct basket, the one with Portia's portrait concealed it and can therefore marry the beautiful heiress. .
             Fair Portia's counterfeit! What demi-god.
             Hath come so near creation? Move these eyes? .
             Consequently Portia and Bassanio marry at once and Portia gives Bassanio a ring to keep forever as a token for their love of each other. She also makes him promise that he will never part with his ring.

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