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             "Autism is defined as the brain disorder that begins in early childhood and persists throughout adulthood. It affects three areas of development: verbal and nonverbal communication, social interaction, and creative or imaginative play." (NIDCD) It is a severe disorder of communication and behavior. It is a developmental disability that prevents individuals from properly understanding what they see, hear and sense. The cause of autism remains unknown. However, according to research from the Illinois Project, "current theories indicate a problem with the function or structure of the central nervous system." The Autism Research Institute states that, "in many cases the disorder is evident during the first 30 months of life." The biological factors associated with autism are high levels of neurotransmitter serotonin, high amount of peptides, low muscle tone, poor coordination, and abnormal patterns of brain activity. .
             Autistic children typically are normal in appearance and develop well physically. Physically, autistic children may have a flat masked facial expression, because of low muscle tone in the face. .
             "A child should have their first true meaningful words around 10 to 14 months."(LDDD) Children with showing signs of autism usually are diagnosis before age 3. Usually receive an exam because their development is speech area arent usually on track with other kids. Their disabilities in communication and comprehension range from mild to profound. Communication problems such as speech and language vary depending upon the intellectual and social development of the individual. There may be delays or impairments in verbal and nonverbal communication. Autistic children have problems acquiring and using language and relating socially. Those who have verbal language have difficulty developing each of the five components of language: .
             Pragmatics- study of the rules and the use of a language.

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