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            Imagine if you will a boy taking swimming lessons but ignoring his teacher. The teacher says the boys name over and over but the boy keeps on doing his own thing. Soon the boy starts to swim to the deep end of the pool and the teacher follows him just swimming along. Suddenly the boy starts to scream as loud as he can. Nothing is the matter with the boy but people begin to look and wonder what begin to think to themselves what is wrong with him. After a while the boy stops the screaming and continues to swim. The rest of the children look at the boy and just wonder what went on. They get to the end of the pool and the boy grabs on the wall again. After lessons are done the boy's mother comes to get him and takes him out of the pool. People still look at the boy and wonder what was wrong and why he was screaming earlier was he throwing a temper tantrum, did the teacher do something that he did not like, or was he in some sort of pain. The answer to the question is none of these. The child has a disorder called Autism. What is this disease, who does it affect, is it contagious, how is it caused, and what are the treatments. In this essay I hope answer all of these questions and a few more that exist. I also would like to dismiss the rumors that exist about the disease and present only facts about the disorder.
             First of all what causes this mysterious disease are you born with it, does it just magically appear, or can you catch it from breathing the air around you. First of one possible cause might be that the disease is genetically linked within families. For example, a single child has about a 1 in 500 chance to develop autism, but if this same child has a sibling with autism then his risk for developing the disorder has just increased to about 10 to 20 percent because half of their genes are linked. However if the child is an identical twin then the risk rises to 60 to 70 percent.

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