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International Relations and Nation-States

             International relations is the study of independent states and the relationships that they have with one another in the state system.
             Nation-states are the community in a state, living together as a nation, which then becomes the fundamental source of the state.
             The object of this assignment is to examine the relationship between international relations and nation-states and to see if international relations is mostly about the relations between nation-states.
             International Relations.
             International relations deal with all of the interactions between state-based borders.
             It has been compared with international society though on a much broader scale.
             International society is when a group of states that share the same interests and values, get together to form a society. They are compelled together by a set of rules that participates in their relations with one another and they take part in the working of common institutions.
             "International relations is an interdisciplinary and heterogeneous area of study.".
             (The Penguin Dictionary of International Relations) .
             It is a varied area of study that is policy orientated and part of its policy is to deal with problems within states.
             The two dominant perspectives of international relations are neorealism and neoliberalism. .
             Neoliberalism is sometimes linked with theories that link free trade with peace, democracy and peace and theories of international integration. It is seen to be the most theoretical challenge to the realist convention. .
             Neorealism's attention goes to the structural characteristics of the international system. It is the characteristics of the international system that to a large extent explain state behaviour and international outcomes.
             "Nation-state is the dominant political entity of the modern world it is considered to be the primary unit of international relations.".
             (The Penguin Dictionary of International Relations).
             The idea of the nation-state is a recent one; it came about between the sixteenth and nineteenth centuries in Europe after the collapse of the Roman Empire.

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