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Gender and International Essay

             In which ways might gender be relevant to the contemporary relationship between the First and Third Worlds?.
             Since the birth of contemporary International Relations as we know it, likely to have been simultaneous with the existence of the First World War or thereabouts, the presence of gender in the progression and relationships of and between nations has been evident, relations between First and Third World nations inclusive. But in what capacity has gender been so important to International Relations, if indeed it has been so conspicuous?.
             In order to clearly ascertain the role of gender within First and Third World relations, it would appear necessary to initiate a discourse of the role in politics and International Relations generically, in order then to provide a satisfactory foundation upon which conclusions can accurately be made. .
             There appear to be two fundamental approaches when encountering the role of gender in International Relations. The first of which bears a decidedly feminist tack, and involves a more historical explanation of the presence of gender in International Relations. It is an argument that bases itself around the prevalence of warfare, particularly throughout the Twentieth Century, and the subsequent predominance of males in military and diplomatic roles throughout this time. J. Ann Tickner (1991:27) proposes that feminist scholars typically and stereotypically use a gendered perspective, or look solely throughgendered lenses? when it comes to International Relations. Such scholars suggest International Relations is a purelymasculine? field whereinternational politics is a man's world, a world of power and conflict in which warfare is a privileged activity? (Tickner 1991:27).
             Essentially, feminist critics of International Relations argue under the pretences of the following assumptions: firstly, that the phenomenon of warfare is a so-calledprivileged? activity initiated and enjoyed only by men; secondly, that military and diplomatic roles worldwide are held by men only; and thirdly, thus, that resultant of the previous two points, International Relations is a discipline that is controlled solely by men, and controlled contemptibly at that.

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