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Globalisation essay

            "Globalisation involves an interaction between economic and cultural factors whereby changes in production and consumptions patterns can be seen as producing new shared identities". (woodward, 1997). Evaluate the impact of globalisation on European societies.
             The transformation of the medieval and the modern can be depicted in the at least.
             two different ways. In one sense it represents the trend towards the consolidation.
             and strenghtening of the territorial state . . . In another sense it represents a.
             reordering in the priority of international and domestic realms. In the medieval .
             period in the world, or transnational, environment was primary, the domestic .
             What I am offering here is what I call and advocate as a necessarily minimal model of globalisation. This model does not make grand assertions about primary factors, major mechanisms, and so on. Rather , it indicates the major constraining tendencies which have been operating in relatively recent history as far as world order and the compression of the world in our time concerned.
             As I have indicated, one of the most pressing tasks in that regard is to confront the issue of the undoubted salience of the unitary nation state - more diffusely, the national state - since about the mid-eighteenth century and at the same time to acknowledge its historical uniqueness, indeed its abnormality (McNeil, 1986). The homogenous nation state - homogenous here in the sense of a culturally-homogenised, administered citizenry (Anderson, 1983) - is thus a construction of a particular form of life. That we are ourselves have been increasingly subject to its constraints does not mean that for analytical purposes it has to be accepted as the departure point for analyzing and understanding the world.

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