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bob's essay

            Q2: Explain fully what the term "globalisation" refers to. What are its aims, methods of operating and supposed benefits.
             What does the term "globalisation" refer to?.
             "Globalisation refers to all those processes by which the peoples of the world are incorporated into a single world society, global society." - Martin Albrow, 1990.
             The term globalisation refers to the binding of the world's community into a super community where items of interest are available any time/where. Before globalisation in the 16th century. People relied on infrastructure in their community to survive; now with the global market open for everyone people can import wheat to Afghanistan from Australia with out a problem. Mr Albrow's explanation of globalisation gives a general idea of a complex issue. There are many theories about globalisation, yet no one seems to agree on the final terming. The modern globalisation began with the creation of the UN this brought many countries together on a common ground to be the worlds watch dog. Other examples of globalisation are the first oil crisis (1973) and the Apollo journeys into space (1975) . Globalisating is caused by three prime movers: technological globalisation, political globalisation, and economic globalisation. These three processes placed together mean that geographical restrictions became lesser problem. With these out of the way companies/countries can expand building their empires around the world an example of this is McDonalds, which I will cover in a latter question. .
             What are the aims of globalisation?.
             The aims for globalisation are simple. Bring the world together to make one big market place so that everyone can enjoy cultures from around the world. Unfortunately this is not as simple as it is in theory. Unfortunately globalisation is only benefiting the countries that accept the global change e.g. Western Countries. Other countries e.g. Cuba who strictly follow communism are being left behind the world's growth and their civilians are in poverty because of their government's lack of .

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