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An essay on Samuel Crowther's Aren't We All Rich Now?

            Samuel Crowther was a popular journalist for magazines such as the Saturday Evening Post. Crowhter wrote an essay on cultural shifts in American life. The central image in the essay Aren't We All Rich Now? is the flapper. The flapper was an important national institution. He admires her will to be prosperous and successful. I admire her, too - she disdains the traditional styles and behavior. .
             During the 1920's there were many social and political changes that swept the Nation as a whole. One really big change was women's right to vote! This change opened a number of immediate gains for women. Women began to serve on juries, and polling began to be held in places elsewhere besides saloons. Some of the National benefits for women were the Sheppard - Towner Act that allocated federal money for prenatal and infant health care, and the Cable Act that allowed women who married foreigners to keep their United States citizenship. Women did actually begin to move into office, sales, and service jobs.
             After women's receiving right to vote, came the era of the flapper. The flapper era was the time of the worship of youth. Flappers were women of the Jazz Age. They had short hair worn no longer than chin length, called bobs. Their hair was often dyed and waved into flat, head-hugging curls and accessorized with wide, soft headbands. It was a new and most original style for women. A lot of make-up was worn by flappers that they even put on in public which was once unheard of and considered something done only by actresses and whores. Flappers wore short, straight dresses often covered with beads and fringes, and they were usually worn without pantyhose.
             Young flappers were known to be very rebellious against their parents, and society blamed them on the media, movies, and film stars like Louise Brooks. The flapper attitude was characterised by stark truthfulness, fast living, and sexual behavior. Flappers seemed to cling to youth as if it were to leave them at any moment.

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