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Flaws of Title IX

            Communism, a system in which an authority plans and controls the economy claiming to make progress towards a higher social order in which all goods are shared equally, is the identical attempt, unfounded and devoid of reasoning, of Title IX: Student Participation in Athletics, Part Three: Effectively Accommodating Interests and Abilities; In the assessment of the "interests and abilities" portion of the Title IX regulations, a three part test governs. This law states that: "This part of the test is satisfied when an institution is meeting the interests and abilities of its female students even where there are disproportionately fewer females than males participating in sports."1 It might seem to some that it's only fair to share school resources and scholarships equally amongst all sports; however any person with an ounce of logic and common sense can recognize why in this case equality is not the same as fairness. There are a multitude of reasons why men's sports deserve more money than women's sports, including the facts that they generate far more money than women's sports, there are many more male participants in college athletics, male sports programs sell much more sports memorabilia, and receive many more alumni donations.
             The most obvious reason why men's sports deserve a much larger percent of their college's athletic budget is the simple reason that they are responsible for generating a much larger percent of their school's athletic revenue than the women's athletic programs. Putting money into a sport that has high ticket sales and generates large crowds is clearly a worthwhile investment. Any athletic director who sees any sense in donating two million dollars to a girls" sports team that will in turn generate less than ten percent of that in total profits is utterly foolish and profoundly stupid. However, any logical member of the administration of the athletic department would realize that putting their money into the very programs that generate most of the athletic budget not only makes sense, but will further benefit the school in the long run.

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