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            Have you ever read a book that seemed one way, but had a different meaning to it? Well, The Crucible, by Arthur Miller is one of those books. To the untrained eye, this book might appear to be addressing the Salem Witch Trials, and the unfairness of it. To a more trained eye, it could all be a symbol addressing Arthur Miller's ordeal with Communism. Although I am ambiguous as to the motives of the play, I am sure that Miller, when writing this play had a vast array of themes in mind. Of these themes, however, I will only speak on three. These three happen to be Personal Tragedy, Integrity and Ambition.
             Picture this; the year is around1696, and you are a Puritan mother. Your job is to breed, and take care of as much children as the Lord would permit you to breed; however, you successfully only give birth to one child. The other seven, or so, die from birth. How would you feel? Would you feel like it's no biggie, that it doesn't really matter; would you consider it a blessing to only have to take care of one child, or would you feel like it's the end of the world. Well, now think about this: that actually happened to a woman named Goody Putnam according to the book. Scenario number 2: You are sitting at a table ready to eat dinner. You are in the middle of saying grace then boom. Ezekiel Cheever bursts in the scene with an arrest warrant for your wife. What would you do?.
             How about if it were your husband? How would you be able to survive? These are just some examples of the theme Personal tragedy which occurs through out the play.
             "What is left when honor is lost?" This quote by Publilius Syrus to me best describes John Proctor. John Proctor was willing to die for the truth, rather than feed the town lies that he condoned witchcraft. He was not willing to hand over his name to Danforth, because he had what I believe was one of the most important themes displayed in this book: Integrity. Another example of this theme in action was when Mary Warren agreed to testify against Abigail in the court.

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