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Are You, Really You (gattaca)

            Gattaca Is The Story Of A Man Named Vincent Freeman (Ethan Hawke), Who Was Born Into A World Where Every Baby Born Can Be Healthy, Free Of Genetic Defects Or Risk Of Developing Diseases. A World Where The Potential For Great Music Or Math Skills Can Be Engineered Into A Person Before They Are Even An Embryo. A World In Which People Are Better, Stronger And More Equiped. This Isnt The Case For Vincent He Has Parents Who Think That A Natural Child Birth Would Be Better And It Ends Up Being The Other Way About. Vincents Parents End Up Having Another Child (This Time Being Genetically Engineered) Called Anton Who Is Smarter, Taller, And More Healthier Than His Brother And Through There Childhood Years Anton Sure Is The Better Pick Out Of The Two. Vincent Eventually Leaves Home And Strides Towards His Dream Of Being An Astronaught, He Realises That He Cannot Become An Astronaught Because He Is Too Genetically Weak, He Takes Part In Buying Someones Identity Off Them Who Is Far More Better And Becomes A Gattaca Employee.
             The Music They Used In Gattaca Was Very Slow And Repeative It Was Repeating Itself Because I Think It Symbolises Vincents Life Being A Routine, He Gets Up In The Morning Scrubbs Himself, Puts Finger Prints On Etc He Does That Every Morning, We Hear A Faster Version Of The Song When Jerome Is Trying To Get Across The Road To Be With Irene, We Hear A Different Version Because It Symbolises Danger, Suspence. I Didnt Like The Music I Thought It Was Too Boaring They Could Have Added A More Futuristic Beat To It Instead Of Just Violins And Pianos .
             The People In Gattaca Were Just Plain And Boaring I Didnt Like Them One Bit I Think If They Actually Had A Personallity It Would Make The Film A Whole Lot Better And Whats The Deal With The Dark Clothes On All The Programs We See, We Always See The Future As Bright Colors Like Oranges, Yellows, Reds And So On All We Saw In The Film Was Dullness Greys And Blacks.

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