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Gattaca Essay

            Vincent did a good job on taking on the identity of someone else to gain an upper hand in life in the movie Gattaca. If I were Vincent I wouldn't of pretended to be someone else just so I could do something I always wanted to do. First off I would be very nervous to pretend to be someone else like he did. Second I wouldn't want to cut my legs off to extend them. Third I wouldn't want to do all the things he had to do every single day to be that person.
             I really couldn't pretend to be someone else, I would be so nervous. I would make it so obvious that I"m not really that person. I"m a very nervous person if I"m doing something I"m not supposed to be doing. I would constantly think that someone is watching me, knowing that I"m pretending to be someone else. So right off the bat I couldn't do it, and wouldn't want to do it anyway even if I could.
             I wouldn't want to do it also because I really wouldn't want to cut off my legs to extend them. That would hurt so much! Just think about how much that would hurt to have your legs cut totally off and then have them stitched back together, That's already way too much to do just so you can pretend to be someone else and live your dream. I mean I would want to live my dream, but if I had to cut off my legs or something like that I wouldn't want to live that dream anymore.
             The last reason I wouldn't want to do what Vincent did is that I wouldn't want to do all those things he had to do every single morning. He had to do a lot of things like scrap his skin off him self and then scrap the skin from Jerome on to himself. Also he had to put a bag of Jerome's urine on his leg, which would be very disgusting, bringing Jerome's blood with him and so many more things that would just be annoying to do every single day. None of those things would be fun to do.
             Everything Vincent did in becoming someone else I just couldn't do. It would mean being nervous, being in pain, being grossed out, and doing annoying things every single day.

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