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Gattaca essay/ 1,285 words/ A+ standard

            Is it plausible to assume that it is Vincent's perceived handicaps-his degenerate status that it is the basis for his determination to succeed?.
             It is entirely plausible to assume that Vincent's degenerate status is a clear basis for his determination to succeed. As an invalid there is little expected of Vincent, society refuses to hold him in any esteem. This spurs his determination, and from a young age Vincent is eagerly ardent to prove to himself once and for all, that despite his title and perceived handicaps, he can fulfil his dream. Vincent's heightened desire for success is highlighted when juxtaposed with the attitudes of some of the valids who languish in their so called superior status. It is Vincent, in the end however, that possesses the ability to yearn and aspire, contrasting to those who have been genetically modified, it is these abilities that enable Vincent to become a role model for other invalids who wish to break free of their perceived handicaps.
             The lack of expectations placed upon him and the injustices Vincent endures shape and firm his conviction to succeed from an early age. It is within the flashback at the beginning of the film that gives perspective of the nature of society and because born a "god-child" the injustices he must suffer. It begins at his birth, Vincent's father Anton Freeman refuses to pass his name onto his first-born child as he believes he is not worthy. This illustrates that society's expectations are tainting the unconditional love that a parent should feel for their child, " ten fingers, ten toes that all that used to matter. Not now." As Vincent enters pre-school age, it is found near impossible to find somewhere that will except him as a god-child, "I"m sorry, the insurance won't cover it." It is in this scene that the school gate closes on Vincent and his parents, symbolising exclusion and discrimination, " we now have discrimination down to a science.

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