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Age discrimination

            One of the many factors that go on in the workforce and is extremely common is age discrimination. Age discrimination is the act of favoring a certain age in the workforce and ignoring the rest. Throughout centuries, age discrimination has evolved and developed into something that effects productivity in the workplace. Companies have come to favor younger workers to work for them, thinking that they offer better productivity and higher competition between them. Other companies prefer to have older employees given that they are surely more experienced and harder workers. Yet these older workers may somehow be mistreated. Culture predicts that younger workers are smarter and head towards achievement. .
             Referring to older employees, many evaluators have come up with the assumption that as a person grows older they lose the light in things, and that there might be a chance that their performance might fall for a number of reasons, one of them would be age, which is a weakening in health purposes. That is, companies tend to spend more on older employees because of health reasons. These companies hesitate to send employees or older workers to training programs, afraid that they might retire soon. On the other hand, older employees are surely more experienced, since they might have spent a long time with a company and have a background on the kind of mission the company wishes to complete. Some organizations have rules and regulations in their contracts that by a certain age you should be able to retire no matter what good you have done to that organization. Also there could be neither salary rise nor promotion to a better level or status in the workforce. This is considered wage discrimination. Older workers tend to have high salaries and benefits. That is why most companies turn to younger workers because they are cheaper. To them promoting an expensive older worker is a waste of time in view of the fact that it means more responsibility and less productivity.

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