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            Discriminating against another person is not just unfair - it is against the law. Hence, the role of the Anti-Discrimination Commission is to uphold the basic right of all people to fair treatment - no matter what their circumstances or background. This essay will explore the Federal and State Acts of Parliament legislation, which exist to protect Australians from unlawful discrimination. Furthermore, it will discuss unlawful discrimination being either direct or indirect, as well as some of the exemptions that make discrimination lawful. Finally it will outline some of the key aspects of sexual harassment and why it is unlawful, endeavouring to outline the effectiveness of the legislation, possible alterations to improve the system, and how and why society benefits from having laws in place, to uphold their basic rights in relation to these issues.
             The Anti-Discrimination Commission of Queensland was established by the Queensland Parliament under the Anti-Discrimination Act 1999 (Qld), to protect Queenslanders from unlawful discrimination and sexual harassment. The Act applies to various areas of society one of which is the workplace. The Federal Government has also passed to following Acts prohibiting discrimination:.
             Racial Discrimination Act 1975.
             Sex Discrimination Act 1984.
             Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commissions Act 1986.
             Disability Discrimination Act 1992.
             Equal Opportunity for Women in the Workplace Act 1999.
             The Federal body that deals with legal complaints and disputes involving discrimination is the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission.
             However, before legislation was passed to outlaw discrimination, many employees found that they were unable to break down the barriers that had been built up in the workplace because of their particular attributes, such as being too young, or too old for a job or due to being of a certain racial background. A worker may now lodge a complaint with the Anti-Discrimination Commission of Queensland alleging unlawful discrimination if that worker is treated unfavourably.

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