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             In society, different types of discrimination exist. It's something that happens everyday. Discrimination may be based on an individual's race, sex, age, religion or beliefs. We have all been victims of discrimination at least once in our lives. The differences between the races and gender are cultural, society itself creates them. These two types of discrimination are presented in the stories "Everything that rises must converge" and "Boys and Girls".
             The story "Everything that rises must converge" is very obviously about racism. Mrs. Chesthy's son perceived racism in his mother, as she scorned black people. Her racism is described in the following paragraph: "He saw his mother face change as the woman settled herself next to him. Her face seemed almost gray and there was a look of dull recognition in her eyes, as if suddenly she had sickened at some awful confrontation". Mrs. Chesthy's reaction was a mix anger, astonishment and arrogance. She can not believe that an African woman who she considers to belong in a lower category can have the same hat as hers. This situation very obviously shows the scorn that she felt for the African woman. I think Mrs. Chesthy's attitude would have been different if the same situation had occurred with a white woman.
             The story "Boys and Girls" is also about discrimination, but this time it's based on gender. It deals with the stereotypes and distinctions between girls and boys. It's a story about a girl that wants to do the things her brother and father do. She is discriminated by her own family because she is a girl. In the text the sentence that show discrimination in this part *********** .
             In my personal experience, I have had many experiences with discrimination. When I was much younger, my family and I lived in North Carolina. On our way to a mall one day, my Father must have made a wrong turn, and somehow we ended up right next to a meeting of the "Kuklux Clan".

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