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            Yr 11 Legal Studies Assessment Task 2 - Discrimination.
             Discrimination is any situation in which a group or individual is treated differently based on something other than individual reason, usually their membership in a socially distinct group or category. Such categories would include ethnicity, sex, religion, age, or disability. .
             The type of discrimination in my essay that I have chosen is "Discrimination Of Adolescents". .
             The discrimination of adolescents has steadily increased over the years. Adults and media of modern day society discriminate all adolescents" behaviour based on a small minority of teens. This is due to the behaviour of adolescents, the medias view of teens, and as a result, the only way to end this madness is a compromise. .
             First of all, the behaviour of adolescents is a main cause of discrimination. Adolescents want attention from society by acting inappropriately and claiming it as individualism. The new generation of adolescents acts differently mainly because they have too much freedom; there is no one to discipline them. In the past, when adolescents did poorly or behaved inappropriately in school, they were often punished in the form of physical abuse. Youths were disciplined back then but these days there are no consequences for their faults, so youths abuse their rights on a regular basis. Additionally, youths are jealous of adults. Adults possess privileges, which youth, do not such as smoking, watching X-rated movies, and drinking. This factor forces youths to act older than they really are so they can receive the same privileges but youths fail to realize that they are not adults. So by smoking, watching X-rated movies, and drinking, adolescents have earned a bad reputation. However it is a small minority of youths that act this way, and they are ruining the reputation of adolescents as a whole. .
             In another case, adolescents are discriminated because of the way youths are portrayed by the media.

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