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             Discrimination has always been a part of everyone's life. Many of the more physical, or violent, attributes of Discrimination have changed, but the scars and emotional damage still remain today, as a wound not even time itself is capable of healing. Slavery, apartheid, stolen lands, and many other deeds have been changed as the tree of knowledge grows. But even today minorities remember the pride that was stolen from their ancestors and continue to hold grudges that the generations of the present are less than responsible for. Character is still based in a world where skin color and culture make all the difference, and for that reason discrimination lives and affects us all in today's world.
             There are many forms of discrimination. The one I chose to illustrate from my own experiences combines age, race, and gender. Living in an urban area allows my friends and I to travel easily to our local gas station where we purchase food. On one particular occasion we experienced a minor proceeding of discrimination. As we entered the gas station I could feel the eyes of the employees mentally searching us. As we walked throughout the store, I noticed the cashier stealing quick glances at the security screen. As our group loitered around the cooler, debating what to be with the amount of resources we had, an employee conveniently checked all the stocks of food located around us. The lack of trust presented so openly by the employees really made me think. Several questions popped into my head as I pondered. Would it have been so different if an adult had accompanied us? Then would their discrimination be necessary?.
             Discrimination will always be a part of everyone's mind. Whether it remains strictly personal or is openly expressed. I don't think our wolrd has the amount of will power or the right environments in which we are raised in, in order disavow this ever present trait. I do however believe that respect is an important factor in conquering discrimination.

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