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             Discrimination means dislike, abhor or prejudice towards one kind and giving favors or preference to another. In today's world discrimination has reduced immensely. Hundred years ago discrimination was at its crest. There was discrimination on race, color, caste and religion. If taken the example of southern Asia, sixty years ago Indians were treated like animals and treated like slaves by the British. They were ruthlessly discriminated by the government itself, they were deprived of their rights. Indians were not allowed to travel by bus, were not given jobs and there were strict rules and regulation enforced on them. And if they didn't obey it they were austerely punished. If this kind of discrimination is compared with the one which was experienced by me, then it would be like comparing a tiny pond with a ocean. However, I can imagine how the people of India might have gone through. The discrimination which I suffered left me in a grief-stricken situation; then how would they have felt? All these kind of questions arise when the thought of discrimination comes to my mind. .
             Soon after my tenth grade I got admission in a polytechnic. I received my diploma in mechanical engineering there. The curriculum included two semesters of mandatory internship. During my first part of internship I was placed at Air India Ltd. It was a brilliant experience to work with Air India that it enhanced my knowledge greatly. During the next semester all the companies again came for recruitment. I decided to undergo internship in a company called Mahindra & Mahindra, it is a leading manufacturer of cars, tractor and jeeps. The reason for me to choose Mahindra & Mahindra was my interest in automobiles. Since childhood cars had been my obsession, and it was my ambition to become an automobile or mechanical engineer. Engineering has always fascinated me. Mahindra & Mahindra was the only automobile company which came for recruitment.

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