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Laci Peterson

             Genral Purpose: Who either killed Laci Peterson and her unborn son, or who kidnapped them.
             Specific Purpose: To find Laci alive or to at least find a body to obtain more incriminating evidence.
             Intro: On Dec.23,2002 27 year old Laci Peterson disappeared from a local park in Modesto, California on a walk with her dog. Her husband Scott was on a supposed fishing trip 100 miles away in Berkley,California. When Scott arrived at his home he found her to be missing. Somehow the neighbor found the dog and returned it to the Peterson's backyard. Scott calledLaci's mother to ask where she was. There was no trace of her anywhere. Well, someone knows something, and is not telling. She is missing and pregnant at the same time. .
             Scott is suspected in the case by the Police.
             - Scott was seen loading a blue tarp into his SUV, but had an excuse(umbrellas from fishing).
             - Scott supposedly took a shower and cleaned the kitchen floor before calling Laci's mother.
             - Was he really at the marina that day? He came up with receipts.
             - Was Laci really in the park? People spotted her their at around 10a.m.
             - Scott underwent extensive background checks, computers confiscated.
             - Scott decides not to go through with taking a lie detector test.
             - Jan15, photos of Scott and a girl surface, which in the beginning he denied allegations of an affair.
             - Amber Frey comes forward to discuss her romantic affair with Scott. She says he told her he was not married.
             - When Scott learned of Laci's pregnancy he took out a 250,00 life insurance policy.
             - Cement mix found at Scott's home and office. Concrete dust eventually found on the boat. He said it was the pool workers who left it, but they said it wasnt theirs.
             Other suspicions raised to the public.
             He was seen smiling at a candlelight vigil for Laci on New Years Eve wasnt he even sad?.
             He aslo speaks of Laci and their unborn son Connor in past tense. News reporter asked who killed her, he walks out and then later writes I know Laci hears me and I told her we are trying to find her, and we are praying for her.

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