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Fraudulant Holidays

            Across America all types of lies are told all types of ways. The biggest lies I can think of are told to generally all children of Christian faith. They are designed to keep children on best behavior during the most strenuous times of the year. The lies I"m referring to are the fictitious characters that deliver our holiday gifts. Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny are the two most popular favorites. .
             Every year, for the first ten or so, of a child's life they are made to believe, that magically, Santa Clause will come through the chimney. He drops off various bundles of goodness, but only if they are well behaved throughout the year. These "tall tales" keep kids, who are usually bouncing off walls, composed and not as rambunctious. Without these fabrications of generous strangers the merry seasons would be so merry. Can you imagine going to a department store and having a multitude of small children all hyped up trying to tell .
             there parents what they want? Try imagining impatient little kids standing in the endless check-out counters for however long it takes for you and twenty-three other people to finish up. It would be a total nightmare, even more than it already is. .
             Unfortunately kids wise up eventually and start to wonder, how the Easter Bunny gets all that chocolate to each house in one night. That is when parents must be creative and tell the children yet another lie to cover up the main one, or tell them some kind of fact that they are not yet smart enough to understand. I think one of the first unconceivable fact I was told was, "Well you know there are time differences all around the world." Even if you were taught there are seven continents, and how ever many countries, to understand the time zone theory is a little too much to understand at that point. Never less it holds the lie together for another year. .
             The most threatening factor to the lie is known as "friends" once one child figures out the truth it is time to make sure that every one knows what they know, as the case was with my little sister and me.

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