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             The word "beauty" conjures up various meanings with the main one an appearance or a sound, which is pleasant. However beauty is also found in nature and of course beauty comes from within, in people's hearts. Beauty also comes from having confidence. .
             First of all, beauty comes from nature. Babies are the most beautiful creatures in the world because they are born in nature. They are innocent and the complex social environment, which is full of hatred, jealousy and troubles, has not polluted them. They show physically what they need. For example they will cry and make noises to get their parents attention. If they are hungry and unhappy they will cry. They are much easier to deal with compared with to adults who are more complex and have been affected by society. It is hard for us to distinguish whether they are genuinely happy or not. They hardly show their emotions to people so when they smile, they may just smile in order to communicate with people around them. Therefore, you cannot be sure whether they are really nice to you or whether they will stab you in the back.
             Secondarily, beauty comes from within the people's hearts. A popular saying is "If their hearts are nice and pure, they will not look evil apparently. The look is from the heart." Beauty from the heart will make people seem to be more attractive. Beauty from the heart will last forever; it will never fade. Physically beauty is just for a short time. It will not last forever. A person whose heart is full of loveliness and kindness, he/she will be looked upon as more attractive than someone whose heart is full of hatred, jealous inside. Since their hearts are full of kindness, they are willing to help people and expect nothing in return. Hence, the one who has beauty inside will be more acceptable to most people than the one who is full of evil inside. .
             Thirdly, beauty comes from confidence too. When people have self-esteem, they believe in themselves and that they can do well.

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