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             EBay's greatest strength is that it was the first to enter the online customer-to-customer market in 1995. Ever since, EBay gained great popularity and its brand name became synonymous with the online auction industry. EBay's strong brand image is considered its greatest strength over its competitors. .
             EBay now controls the biggest share in the Customer to Customer e-market and millions of transactions are being processed daily through its website. EBay.com was rated to be the easiest website to navigate by special rating websites like Gomez.com. The site is also easily accessible from anywhere in the world. Because of that, Sellers and customers of EBay developed a sense of loyalty and more than twenty billion dollars worth of goods and services are traded annually through EBay. It is safe to say that this massive customer base and variety of products sold is another strength that is unmatched by any other competition in this line of business. .
             Another point of strength is that EBay has no issues of managing inventory. Unlike amazon.com and other competitors, EBay is in the business of connecting sellers and buyers through its online website. There are no inventory counts or costs. Everything is arranged between the seller and the buyer. .
             EBay management is also known for its skilled human resources. Meg Whitman, CEO, and top technical engineers like Maynard Webb, helped foster EBay's position in the market and transform it to become a "self regulating marketplace" that is driven by the sellers and customers with almost no human interference.
             Because EBay depends solely on the internet as its distribution channel, the company inherits weaknesses faced by most internet business out there. The possibility of fraud is a major weakness. Many potential customers are afraid of trusting online purchasing fearing scams the vulnerability of internet websites to hackers. In EBay's case, the issue of trust is even more sensitive.

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