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Divergent Northern and Southern Patterns of Development

             During the first half of the nineteenth century the United States underwent a series of transformative economic, social and political changes that essentially split the nation into two different but independent parts. Through the rise of the common man, the development of a new political party and political alliance, and the emergence and expansion of the industrial revolution and slavery, rifts were established between the Northern and Southern patterns of development throughout the early nineteenth century.
             Although the country's political system still had an aristocratic view to it, the emergence of a new social class began to be felt throughout the nation. The rise of the "common man,"" as they were called, was the beginning of a new era in the United States political system. Up until this point the majority of voters in the United States were white male property owners. "Until the 1820's, relatively few Americans had been permitted to vote; most states restricted the franchise to white male property owners or taxpayers or both (Brinkley 224)."" Although most states restricted the rights of voters, new states such as Ohio, instilled laws that allowed any adult white male to vote in the elections. For fear of loss of population to the west, older states began to relax their laws restricting the voters.
             " even before Jackson's election, the franchise began to expand. Change came first in Ohio and other new states of the West, which, on joining the Union, adopted constitutions that guaranteed all adult white males "not just property owners or taxpayers "the right to vote and permitted all voters the right to hold public office. Older states, concerned about the loss of their population to the West, began to drop or reduce their own property ownership or taxpaying requirements (Brinkley 224)."".
             Also from this new system of voters emerged the president of the common man.

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