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He Said She Said

             During this phase of learning, I have accumulated many things in my "knower". In the he said, she said section of your class there were many things that I found more important than others. I now understand many things about the opposite sex and myself that I didn't know before. Some examples of that are: *male* objective, *female* subjective; *male* thing centered, *female* people centered; and *male* egoism, *female* jealousy. .
             In my learning *male* objective, *female* subjective I am now able to understand why males get aggravated so easily when I am telling a story. They don't really care about the story. They just want to know why I am telling it to them, or the point of the story if I have no reason for telling them. However, I do wish that all guys should be required to take your class, because they would then understand why they shouldn't get angry when we give an excess of information. Especially since it just how we do things. It is not like we are intentionally trying to annoy them. In a way it is a no win situation for either sex because they don't know that they need to learn patience as a virtue, and we don't understand that we need to learn that they don't care for all of the grueling details. .
             Knowing that the male gender is thing centered is a big help, also. It allows me to understand why they sometimes are sidetracked when they shouldn't be. It also helps me to understand myself to a greater extent. I now know why I can sometimes get sidetracked when I shouldn't. It helps to clear things up a very great deal. I know now that when it seems as though a guy is staring at another female, he may not be staring directly at the girl particularly, but at the girl in general. But then again, he may.
             Understanding *male* egoism and *female* jealously is probably the most interesting thing I have learned so far. It is not so much that it is a complex thing to learn, it is just something that destroys the confusion that there could have been.

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