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Found What She Was Looking For

            After a hard day at work Eliza could finally start relaxing. Today was Friday and she'd finished all her work. She's known as the perfectionist between her friends, everything had to be clean and neat before she could relax. As a news reporter, she could never find the time to do all this, as her job was the central station of everything she did during the day. A team of cleaners, maids and servants worked in her mansion to fulfil her requests, so that when Eliza arrives home, she can kick back and relax.
             In amongst the frenzied afternoon traffic, Eliza taps her perfectly manicured nails against the steering wheel of her slick silver Mercedes. She plans her Friday night out loud, while she hums to the relaxing tune playing on the radio. The thought of a pamper at the beauty salon sounded tempting. 'After all, it is my duty as a news reporter to be well groomed, and tomorrow I'll be on air', she thought. .
             Eliza parked her car in front of the salon and hurried in on demand of a glass of champagne and strawberries. Eliza just started to feel relaxed, but then her phone rang. 'What?' she said, as she answered the phone impatiently. "Let me guess, you're at the salon getting a massage?", Page replied. "Yeah, I'm sorry. You know how little time I have to relax," Eliza answered. "Well, I was wondering if you wanted to come out with your girlfriends tonight. You know, the ones you've probably forgotten about," Page said jokingly. "Oh come on, you know it's been hectic at work," Eliza shrilled loudly when the therapist hit a pressure point. "Ok, so I'll meet you at around seven thirty down at the blue lagoon cocktail bar, and remember to wear something slinky, I've got a surprise for you!", Page rambled excitedly. "Great, another one of Page's surprises. Exactly what I feel like on a Friday night," Eliza said sarcastically as she hung up on her friend. .
             As Eliza steps out of her Mercedes, she reveals her tanned legs and classy cocktail dress.

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