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Looking For Alibrandi

            The novel, Looking for Alibrandi is charged with emotional energy. Firstly, this book is written as both a social and cultural analysis of a teenage girl's life. Secondly, Josephine Alibrandi is a third generation Italian Australian caught in a claustrophobic family tradition who acknowledges the family spirit, insists that she can free herself, even though she sees herself trapped deal with. It shows how people of different racial backgrounds are not accepted in the society without an achievement, which the average members of the society cannot achieve themselves. To analyze this novel, 6 main fields will be used firstly theme then plot, characterization, style, setting, and finally point of view. These fields will show a how "looking for alibrandi" is defined as fiction literature. .
             The main theme of the text "looking for Alibrandi" is most probably the growth and development of the main character Josephine Alibrandi. The theme is subtle in how it is presented into the book it, Josephine at the beginning of the book is portrayed as being of the book torn between her responsibilities and culture and her own personal enjoyment and peer pressure. As the book draws to a conclusion Josephine we see Josephine's image of immaturity change dramatically towards a shift of maturity. "If someone comes up and asks me what nationality I am, I"ll look at them and say I"m an Australian with Italian blood flowing rapidly through my veins. I"ll say that with pride" Josephine pg.258 this quote really shows the self-discovery that has been made and how Josephine has developed. I think also as table 1.1 or the reading by Goforth says, "What is the significance of the title?" plays a large part in the choosing of the book the text "Looking for Alibrandi" I believe touches young adults with the idea of searching of personal discovery. Later on in the reading (Table 1.2) Goforth mentions "Girls and boys express the largest number of differences in literary preferences between the ages of ten through fourteen.

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