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Looking for Alibrandi - issues of popularity

            Am I popular? This is a question many adolescents ask themselves. But why? Why ask a question like that. What is popularity exactly? Does being popular mean a life where everything is perfect or is it just a fazade. Something like a screen to hide behind. A screen of security that gives a person an identity, even if it isn't their own? So, what does it take to be popular? To be part of the high and mighty. There has to be a catch to it. .
             So, what is popularity? How do we define the difference between popular and unpopular? Well, to adolescents it's simple. To be popular is to be on e of those people who sit on top of the world'. One of those people who everyone adores. To be popular is to be admired by people who would give anything to be just like you. John Barton was one of these people who were popular. He was part of that world. But it didn't really matter in the end, did it?.
             Many teenagers would do anything just to belong to that popular' world. But why? The answer to that is acceptance. To be popular would mean being accepted, admired and respected by society. It would mean belonging to a world where everyone knew your name and followed your lead. Josephine Alibrandi wanted that. She wanted to belong to Ivy Lloyd's world. The world of sleek haircuts and upper-class privileges. A world where she could be accepted.
             Not everyone can be popular though. It's all a case of fitting in. And to fit in to that world, a person must have similarities to all the other popular persons. Things that come into this include a person's image, culture, background, family and money. Ivy Lloyd, John Barton and Carly Bishop all had those things the right way. Josephine Alibrandi, however, did not. Therefore she could never belong.
             It is sad really how some people could never belong to that world because of some silly guideline put up by the already popular. It is sad that people can not be happy enough at being accepted by themselves to the point that they need to be accepted by those who are supposedly higher' in status than them.

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