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She Said Yes

             In life you are given the choice. The choice of opinion and the freedom of speech and also the freedom of whatever religion you want. Cassie Bernard wasn't given that chance the day of the comlumbine shooting.Cassie her parents said was a great kid. She was happy enthusiastic and had everything going for her . They never expected what they would find next. They were suspicious about cassies new friends so they decided to do some investigating. They were looking through her drawers of her dresser and found some notes of Cassies friends talking about how they wanted to kill their parents & etc.Her parents forbid cassie from talking to her friends and decided to switch her to a totally different school and neighborhood. .
             They moved her and put her in a private school. Cassie changed and begged her parents to put her in a public school . Her parents decided she could go bak but if she messed up she'd be bak in the private school. Then after a while cassie made new friends and loved being there at Columbine. Every one respected and new cassie for her beutiful personality and how sweet she was to everyone.
             That day of oct. 5th 1996 while Cassie was at school their was an announcement over the intercom no one really understood. Everyone could hear the gunshots and cassie and her friends which were in the library hid uneder the tables. Cassie was under a different one then her friends. One of the boys with the guns came up to cassey and asked her. "Do you believe in god?" She said yes.
             Her parents were frantic about what happned and what they heard. Cassies mom found out her daughter was shot. Shot for what she believed in Shot because she said yes.

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