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Princess Of Cleves

             This wonderful story, Princess of Cleves, written in the 17th Century can be viewed in two ways. One is a heartwarming love story, and the other as a more intense struggle between society and morality. But, what makes this story more interesting is that the author was Madame de Lafayette, a young Aristocrat who wanted to keep her identity anonymous for fear of criticism and controversy.
             This story is about a beautiful young woman who is married to the Prince de Cleves, an influential, sensitive and patient man who absolutely adores her and hopes that one day, she will reciprocate his love. Unfortunately, the Princess De Cleves falls in love with her husband's friend, M. de Nemours and the twisting love triangle begins. .
             As we get transported into the 17th Century, we are able to see the numerous triangles of this era with a bit of historical events and get acquainted wit the court society. Madame de Cleves struggles with the passionate love she feels for M. De Nemours and the oath she made to her husband the Prince of Cleves, which takes us to the climax of the story when Madame de Cleves confesses her feelings to her already suspecting husband, and the story starts to unravel. We follow her inner battle with love and morality as she attempts to overcome her feelings and remain a virtuous woman. We see how she struggles to keep her feelings to herself and how her husband M. De Cleves tries to figure out who is the man who stole his wife's heart. The end has a sacrificial twist which you must read to find out.
             I have enjoyed reading this book and playing the game. I recommend this book to anyone. It is amusing and very easy to understand. .

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