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Vulgar and tasteless tv shows

            Please switch this off it offends your intellect darling-.
             Every single human being breathing upon our planet possesses a more or less developed concept of morality. There is however no one universal code differentiating good from bad, black from white, vulgar and tasteless from pleasing and of intellectual imput. Conflicts and misunderstandings have been arising from this fact throughout centuries since what may seem right for one may meet with a complete rejection of other and vice versa. .
             Today the majority of world's inhabitants pride themselves with tolerance and acceptance of beliefs of others. One great source of information, entertainment as well as controversy likes to challenge our understanding of existence of various points of views and approaches. TV - the invention of the twentieth century is the cause of constant debates on what is acceptable and what is not. How many times has one judged a show a tasteless one or even vulgar? On how many occasions watching a random program has one thought to themselves "this disgraces my intellect and offends me-? The answer is more than one could suppouse. .
             The feminist movement frequently points out the extent to which women are disgraced in the media. A popular HBO series "Sex And The City- by many is described as vulgar and tasteless. My friend's grandmother for instance remained in a great shock for a threateningly long period of time after watching the program. Nanny still cannot believe women so openly and shamelessly could express feelings and thoughts that should never be expressed in any form. What is unacceptable for the old generation is perceived by the young one in a rather differently. Young women watching the HBO series mostly find it as "open-, resembling reality, concentrating on important matters. Granny however, keeps asking "where did the morality, modesty go?-.
             A program after watching which my friend's dear Granny would most decisively suffer from a stroke is an MTV cartoon "Beavies and Butthead-.

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