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Children See, Children Do

             The Effects of Television Violence on Children.
             Young children across America wake up each Saturday morning and run straight to the television set and tune in cartoons such as, Spiderman and Power Rangers. Both popular cartoons that display violent acts such as, physical fighting and violent weapons. Saturday morning programmings on networks today often cater to young audiences. Some parents use the television as some sort of technological babysitter, which in some ways is just part of the problem with young audiences reacting violent acts they view on the television. However, do the parents stop and really think what their children are being exposed to from these types of programs. Young children often learn typical vulgar language and some minor violence from these programs, nonetheless, after growing and maturing in age most tend to display improper morals that have been instilled in them by the actions they see occur around them everyday, on and off of the television. On the other hand, if a child were brought up with the parents monitoring their views and directing them with proper morals, the child would grow psychologically and learn that the cartoons are not realistic and negative situations are the only result from acts of such violence. .
             According to the California Newsreel website, there have been years worth of research put into this topic. Reports that have been completed, show that heavy television viewers see the world as a more violent and dangerous place compared to the people who do not watch as much television. However, network executives disagree with this claim. As the executives defend their work, blame is thrown back and forth between different media specialists. The "circle of blame- as the California Newsreel calls it, hands the blame to one another in a huge cycle. The article goes on to explain, "public interest groups blame the networks, a government official blames the advertisers, a media analyst blames the government, an ad man blames technology, and a network executive blames us, the viewing public- (California Newsreel).

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