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Get Real

             Usually after a Super Bowl party, when the game is over, the potato chips are gone and the $5 bets are cashed in, the tired guests begin to travel home. This year, that wasn't the case for a lot of viewers. Rather than going to bed while the post-game announcers rambled on, many stayed tuned waiting for another show, "Survivor II.".
             The new millennium rolled around and TV producers thought it was time for something new and exciting in television. The idea of "reality TV" caught on quickly. Reality-based shows have made their appearance with full force this year. "Survivor," "Big Brother," "Temptation Island" and "The Mole" have taken their place alongside sitcoms on almost every station. Viewers like the "real thing." However, have these shows gotten out of hand? Reality based TV show are so popular because they grab audiences attention by eating weird food, hurting themselves and other, and even causing relationship problems because of a one night stand. A slight few of the reality-based television shows are innocent enough. On "The Mole," for instance, the characters actually treat the show the way it should be treated - like a game. The TV show "The Mole" is a TV show about people trying to catch someone stealing from them by placing cameras around the house and watching them steal. Then they ask them to appear on "The Mole" and see if the person that committed the crime will actually admit or deny doing what they did. In addition, "Pop Stars," although quite superficial, does not place its contestants in such dangerous situations as surviving alligators and poisonous spiders in the wild. "Pop Star," another popular TV show because they get live people that think they have a talent in singing and have them perform in front of judges and also in front of a group of audience. They perform a song that a singer has already preformed and see how they do and are judged. After they sing the judges judge them and if they do well them move on to the next round if they do not do well then they are cut from the show.

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