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Real state

             Real Estate is, by definition, the land and everything that .
             is a part of it and the extent of one's interest in it. The .
             word real in real estate stands for the fact that it is land .
             and different than personal property. It is real property, .
             property that is more or less immobile. The word estate in .
             real estate stands for the interest that one has in the .
             property. This definitions shows that real estate is a .
             different sort of property. It is property that may be .
             legally yours but it is still not your personal property. .
             Real Estate is land and property that can be acquired, .
             owned or transferred by both individuals and business. .
             There are rules and regulations to follow when performing .
             any one of those actions. These rules and regulations .
             become very important when discussing the balance in real .
             estate. But what is real estate? Real estate is the .
             process of purchasing real property and the problems and .
             steps that one must follow through with. .
             Elements of Real Estate .
             I.Home .
             When buying a new house there are many things that must be .
             solved before the deed can be signed to the proud new owner. .
             Page 2 .
             Very few people have the financial means of making a .
             one-time full payment on a home. The price of living has .
             increased and so has the prices for homes. For many, the .
             only outlet to buy the house of their dreams is to go and .
             find a mortgage to finance their home. .
             The first thing the prospective homeowner does is go to his .
             bank and try to find a loan that is large enough and has the .
             right interest rate that he can use to buy a house that he .
             wants and can afford. In order to get the loan the future .
             owner must establish credit. He will be asked about income, .
             employment history and credit history. All of these .
             variables allow the bank to determining whether or not this .
             person will ever fully pay for the mortgage. Once the .
             loanee has established credit for the loan the amount of .
             money paid on each payment and the amount of time allowed to .

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