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The Mexican War

            The Mexican War-Was It in the National Interest?.
             The 1800s was a time of change for America. Most Americans were supporters of expanding the Union to make a larger stronger country, but some also saw the Mexican War as a sheer scheme to expand slavery; however, the Mexican War was seen as something that was necessary to settle disputes between the two countries, and through the support of the "Manifest Destiny," the unresolved conflict that took place between the Texans and Mexicans in the early 1800's, and Polk's failed efforts for peace between Mexico and the United States, it can be established that the Mexican War was in the National interest. .
             "Manifest Destiny" was the spirit that prevailed in American life during the 1840's where Americans believed that they were destined to expand the territorial borders of the United States from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean and from Canada to the Rio Grande River. "It is the right of our manifest destiny to overspread and to possess the whole of the continent"; therefore, annexing Texas was justified (Document B). The Mexicans were "miserable" and "inefficient" in dealing with their people, so they could not even handle the extra land of the Texas territory (Document C). The President, Andrew Jackson, said that "the annexation of Texas to the United States promises to enlarge the circle of free institutions," so if the President that the people voted into office believes in the concept of manifest destiny, then it must have been in the national interest (Document A). Causes of the Mexican War began when Americans led by Stephan Austin in the early 1800's settled Texas; these Texans affirmed their independence from Mexico's over controlling government and stated that they wanted to be part of the Union. .
             The attack of the Alamo sparked Americans to help Texans in their fight against Mexico for their land. Again, when the outlook of war appeared to the Americans, "Remember the Alamo" launched those Americans in their rage against Mexico.

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