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Mexican-American War

            The borders of countries have always been the centers of conflict. An example of this statement was the American-Mexican War. It is significant events that not only changed and influenced America, but it also pushed America into the head-front of world powers. This dispute started way back when the English colonized America and the Spanish colonized Mexico. At the time, the English and the Spanish were land hungry rivals. Now their two colonies collided. The Americans believed in "Manifest Destiny", which is the belief that America had the right and duty to expand throughout the North American continent. On the contrary, the Mexicans believed in self protection of their country. Not while long, these two ideas clashed. .
             As the American-Mexican War draws to an end, the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was constructed and signed by both sides of the war. This treaty means that both countries with come to a haul with the bloodshed. There are consequences to every event and with the American-Mexican War comes as no exception. .
             The first of numerous consequences is America gained over 500,000 square miles of land, including the future states of California, Utah, Nevada, almost all of Arizona and New Mexico, and parts of Wyoming and Colorado. In return for the territory, the U.S. paid 15 millions dollars to Mexico. .
             Texas had declared itself an independent republic before the war, but Mexico refused to accept that concept because Texas was once part of Mexico. To make it worse, Texas annexed to the Union. This quarrel was one of the causes of the war. As the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was signed, Mexico had to recognize Texas as a part of the United States.
             President and General of Mexico during the Mexican-American War was Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna. In 1833, Santa Anna was winner of a landslide election for president of Mexico. Unfortunately, what began as a promising start turned into a disastrous ending.

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