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Symbolic Dreams and Predicting the Future

            Symbolic Dreams and Predicting the Future.
             People have been studying dreams for many centuries. Plato, a Greek philosopher viewed that dreams show a person's true nature. Throughout the years, many have come to believe Plato's interpretation and expand on it even farther. The many that study dreams now have discovered more about dreams and categorized them by themes. As each day goes on, they learn more about the way dreams help to predict the future. Dreams are symbolic role plays that help predict the future and solve daily problems.
             The most common asked question about dreams is why humans actually do dream. Well humans dream for many reasons, but mainly because they need constant stimulation. While humans are awake they get their stimulation from other things. While humans are sleeping the brain gives off electrical waves, "when the waves are small and fast a person's eyes move fast like watching a series of events" (Hartmann 344). Dreams are also a source of guidance, inspiration, prophecy, prediction and problem solving (Bethards 3). "Most dreams are showing you fears and limitations that you imposed upon yourself; they help you to recognize the importance of facing your fears" (Bethards 7). Dreams help humans see themselves as they are, their true inner beauty, potential and where they are missing and getting the point of lessons (Bethards 44).
             One specific dream category are ESP dreams. There are three types of ESP dreams, which are simultaneous dreams, retrocognitive dreams and telepathic dreams. Simultaneous dreams occur when the dreamer tunes in on an event going on at a distance. Retrocognitive dreams occur when the dreamer relives an event that has already taken place in the past, but an event that the dreamer does not recall. When the dreamer perceives or receives messages or information from another person, either living or dead, they are experiencing a telepathic dream.

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