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Images of Women

             In today's society women struggle to lead a life in a dominate man's world, where .
             an image can mean more than perceived. An image can make a very big difference to a .
             woman who is self-conscious in such a cruel society. .
             Every woman today is different, but all want to be their best. A main trait is an .
             image that can get attention. Many women purchase Glamour,Mademoiselle, and .
             Cosmopolitian all famous women magazines that women live by. Most articles in these .
             magazines pertain to an image of attractiveness, including hair, skin, make-up and a .
             twenty five year old body. Most women go to any length to become what these .
             magazines offer. Many aren't aware of the negative things these articles don't tell. .
             Having the perfect image can become an obsession and yet fatal. Becoming something .
             many strive for is why women want to be a smaller size and will go to great lengths to get .
             that way. Another image that many cannot see is that women who have the working skill .
             don't have the working look. In a male dominant work world an image that is attractive .
             will do better than a un attractive one. All these traits make up an image the world wants .
             to view and what these articles conclude that the world we live in is not real it is made up. .
             When the word depression is used in today's society, to a woman it can be most .
             difficult to relate to. When a woman feels a loss of attractiveness and effectiveness it has .
             can lead to a un happy appearance. Many women strive to become smaller not wiser. .
             Women magazines can make an image easy to achieve. A smaller size, perfect hair, and .
             skin and young fit looking body are what every woman wants or needs to be happy. To .
             want a body like a twenty five year old woman can turn into a fatal obsession. A common .
             skinny ness disease known as bulimia is a common cause with young women in college .
             who want that perfect body.

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