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Capitalism and Lynching

             Americans held a wide variety of opinions about the capitalist system because each American had a different role in society and the system affected them in different ways. The people of society were classified in different ways and the differences between the classes defined the way that each saw the system as helping or hurting their economic statuses and therefore each class people would hold a different opinion on the ideas of capitalism and what Eugene Debs though of the political system. .
             Capitalism was though to be a perfect fit for American ideas because it was a system that was designed to work on a basis of supply and demand. This system was also perfect because it guaranteed all people in society ultimate freedom as well as an opportunity to succeed and rise in the system as long as each individual worked as hard as they could and their talents would allow them to become successful with in society. The central idea with Capitalism that came out of the second Industrial Revolution was that all people of society would act in a way that would benefit everyone and that under no circumstances act for only their own best interests. This idea of how the system should work was essentially a good idea but the idea only benefited the big business owners and it would not allow the low class mill workers to benefit from the system in any way. Labor workers were unable to benefit from the capitalist ideas because they were never given the respect or the acknowledgement that they deserved as the demands of factory working increased dramatically. Only the factory owners saw this system as a perfect idea because it allowed them to always stay on top of society and businesses had the power to keep factory workers exactly where they were to begin with. By paying the factory workers as little as possible and producing as much product as possible the business workers were never worried about where they stood in society because everyone besides them were unable to break past the walls between the classes.

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