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Biography Loyal Pennings

            Loyal Pennings knew what he wanted at an early age. To work hard and play harder in his time off. These days you"ll find Pennings working harder than playing. Currently he can be found overseeing his super successful Night Club Las Palmas, the newly opened bar Deluxe, and prepping to opening his third Hollywood hot spot Corridor scheduled for the end of summer. You can bet your martini that both Hef and the hipsters are counting down the days.
             Pennings was no over-night achievement. His first gig was hanging flyers for Dominoes pizza. However, this under-the-table position soon turned into a profitable small business for Pennings when he quickly discovered that he could sub-contract his young friends to help him. He put his buddies to work for two dollars an hour, charged Dominoes a set price for his work and thus another entrepreneur had entered the marketplace.
             A native Californian, Pennings grew up in Hermosa Beach. His father is a computer programmer and his mother a nurse. He worked his way up the job chain from dish washer to manager through local popular restaurants such as The Charthouse, Beach Bum Burts and The Cheesecake factory. He attended Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo where he majored in Business, minored in entrepreneurship, and ended up writing a business plan that deemed such accomplishment that the obvious choice was to leave school early. .
             Given a semester project from a professor who recommended that Pennings write about something that he knew well, Pennings chose to develop a plan for a restaurant night club. Even though this was to be just a mock plan, the industrialist Pennings pursued his plan as reality. He found a vacant 12,000 square foot space that fit perfectly. Little did he know that the owner of the property was none other than Wayne Newton. Pennings was able to raise funds from a close family friend, Chris Pike. At 20 years old, Pennings signed the building's lease and construction began.

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