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Jerry Lee Lewis a.k.a. The Killer

             Elvis Presley and Jerry Lee Lewis are two of the first music pioneers to begin playing and recording Rockabilly music. Rockabilly, a mixture between country and rock and Roll music, something that offended a lot of the older generations at first, But so did all of rock music during the early and late fifties. What mattered was that the younger generations loved the music, spent money on records, spent money to see them live, and it also gave them something to move their hips too. In the following is the story of a man that was a music pioneer that affected the music that we listen to today, the people in the music industry, and the lives of the people today. Also in the following the personal life of Jerry Lee that involved scandal and tragedy, consisting of weird marriages and several divorces. .
             When Jerry Lee Lewis was born on September 29th of 1935 in Ferriday, Louisiana. His parents Elmo and Mamie, said that he would be the one that becomes something, this is the one that will get us out of this sharecropping business, he'll be something someday. Ferriday is a small town that sets in Louisiana close to the mighty Mississippi River. The Lewis' throughout Ferriday were known as quite eccentric, even in Ferriday standards. The Mississippi River is a place that Jerry spent a lot of time when he was younger, running a muck with country singer Mickey Gilley and television evangelist Jimmy Swaggart. Until he reached the age of about nine when his parents mortgaged their home to buy Jerry an inexpensive piano called a spinet. Jerry Lee picked up the piano without any lessons at all. Jerry's parents said that he picked up things buy just watching people do certain things, like the piano. Also as youths Jerry Lee and his two buddies would slip off to the city's African-American neighborhood to listen to the rhythm and blues coming from the area's juke joints.
             Since Jerry Lee's mother was a devoted member of the Assembly of God church he began playing the piano at all the services and tent revivals before he hit his teens.

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