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Music Censorship

             There have been many outcries to ban music, which degrades our society and people living in our country today. For instance, Eminem and Marilyn Manson are two different types of musical artists, yet they portray the exact same deviances in their music, such as suicide, hate, killing, sex, and the defamation of other artists. Many artists have jumped in on the fight against censorship, because they feel it violates their rights to freedom of speech. For example, "Cop Killer" by N.W.A., was banned from the radio due to the content it provided against our law enforcers, and in this case it violated their freedom of speech. In spite of that fact, they feel that their freedom is being taken away from them. Therefore, music should not be censored, because every person has a right to express him or herself and follow their own path in life, according to the First Amendment of our Constitution, whether they promote negativity in the lyrics they produce or not. .
             Music carries a huge impact on America's society, as its popularity steadily increases year-by-year. From the entertaining jazz era during the Great Depression, up to this present day of the new millennium, music has inspired the lives of many people. For instance, athletes use different types of music to "pump" themselves up or get hyped before their competitions. Love and happiness can be expressed through various artists, and in contrast, it also can cause terrible mishaps to happen. Kurt Cobain, the former lead singer of Nirvana, shot himself in the head with a pistol due to the depression of the music his group wrote. With that being said, some CDs have been banned from stores, due to violent outcomes from their lyrics. As you can see, there are both positive and negative aspects of the music spectrum, and the artist controls the factor of how they express their thoughts and feelings within their lyrics. Nevertheless, music inspires everybody no matter what genre it is, or what mood the person is in.

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