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Understanding Internet Addiction

             The Internet is a relatively new development used by the public. In fact, many Internet users know very little about the varying uses for the tool. This is why it comes as no surprise that the majority of the population has never even heard of Internet addiction. In her article "Internet Addiction,"" Carol Potera writes about this unfamiliar subject and what is currently being done about it. This article is thoroughly researched, very informative, and laid out in a manner that is easy to read and intriguing until the end.
             Potera opens with a generalization that is true for most Americans who use the Internet. She honestly comments on the benefits of the Internet while pointing out its flaws as well. She informs the reader that there are people who are negatively affected by the use of the Internet in social ways. She also backs up her accusation of a negative effect with a believable story of a couple whose lives were greatly affected by the abuse of the Internet. Judy and Bob had been saving to buy a house, but Bob became so absorbed in the Internet that he spent all their money on online services. He stopped joining Judy for dinner and went to bed long after her, forcing her to leave him a few months later. This example was appropriately added to the introduction to help point out and elaborate on her belief in Internet addiction. Also, to increase motivation in the effort to learn more about the problem, she states that the occurrence of this problem has increased.
             Each subtopic within the article has a catchy phrase in the heading above it. This not only helps to inform the reader of what they are reading, but also in finding information if they want to look back in the text later on. Since each subtopic is mainly about the heading above, pinpointing the information is much easier. Paragraphs and breaks make a piece of writing much more attractive to the reader than a solid block of words.

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