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Against Abortion

             I am strongly against abortion for many different reasons. Most of these ideas are negative towards abortion but I do agree that there are some positive uses for the procedure. Lynda, I will show you why abortion is against our religion, how a human life is being destroyed, the process in which they destroy the fetus, and how to avoid this situation all together. I will also provide many reasons as to why women should avoid abortion if all possible. I know you haven't gone through this process before, thankfully, but I want to change your mind about abortion. I believe abortion is wrong and I want to make you see why I am passionate about the topic.
             The first main reason why I am strongly against women having abortions is because it's against my religion. I am Roman Catholic, and I realize that not every person in the world has the same religious beliefs. Lynda, I know that you and I are of the same religion so I hope that this fact alone will effect your decision. For example, I asked my parents about abortion after church one Sunday. My mom informed me that abortion was against our Catholic religion. She even went on to tell me that she once asked our church's priest about abortion and he directly stated that it was against the Catholic religion. I know that this probably means nothing to some people of the Catholic faith but it makes a big impression on my decisions. My brother, your boyfriend, also reinforced this idea to me when I asked him about it. My brother told me that he took a religion class here at Baldwin-Wallace College, and the professor also stated that abortion was against the Catholic religion. I would hope that if you have a firm belief in your religion that you would never consider carrying out the abortion process.
             Next, I will describe the actual abortion procedure and explain that by taking place in this procedure you are destroying a human life, along with your responsibility for that life.

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