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The Insecure Woman

            I'm standing on the platform, eagerly waiting for the F-train to arrive. The service is usually frequent, but today there is a delay. Bored and impatient, I pace back and forth as I gaze at the filthy ground. My attention is grasped by the shoes of a lady that strolls pass me. "Oooh, I wanted those!- I saw them on Fifth Avenue; black leather heels adorned with a gleaming silver buckle, $200. Gradually, I look up to see the face of the owner. She possesses a natural beauty, but she looks fatigued. Her face is pale, so light, that her white collared shirt is practically close to her skin tone. Dark bags hang from under her eyes. Dry, crusty, purple toned lips stand out from the rest of her face. She is stressed and sleep deprived and from the night before. Before heading to bed, her husband had made a comment that stuck in her mind throughout the night. .
             "Sweetie, you're humongous! Why are you so fat? What have you been eating lately? Look at that belly of yours!- The woman wasn't at all fat. She was average sized, around a size 7/8.
             "I don't know what you're talking about honey? I'm not fat, I think - She stared at herself in the mirror, examining every part of her body. The woman started to believe her spouse for she kept sucking her stomach in, flattening it with her hands, and, pulling at a double chin that barely existed. She headed to bed, sleeping on the very edge, staying far from her husband. He knew she was sensitive about her appearance and was hurt by his comment. Her insecurities took a hold of her. Tears started rolling down her cheeks. The words "you're fat!- kept echoing in her mind. .
             Finally, the train has arrived. I head in the train and take a seat. I observe her walk in as she chooses to sit directly across from me. The woman carries herself in a miserable manner. When she walked to her seat, she looked down. Slouching in her chair, she still refuses to look up.

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