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Good Trend?

            "Beep! Beep!- This is the sound accompanied by a vibration that we commonly hear almost everywhere in public vicinity, from the noisiest arcade shop down to the solemn library. This is because of the wide-spread use of the cellphone with special features such as the text that has the ability to provide faster communication and interaction among people. Texting has become the latest trend not only in communication but as well as in fashion, but behind this is the truth that it has also greatly influenced and ruined the proper use of grammar, weakened the sociability skills and damaged relationships of people.
             Texting has been one of the fastest and cheapest way of communicating people. Fast because it would only take about a minute or two for the message to reach a person anywhere in the country and cheap because it only costs a peso per message. But there is a limit to this, a limit to how many characters can fit in one message. This has made the users resort to initiatives to be able to maximize every peso they use in texting. They have invented shortcuts of words that you can not even find in any dictionaries, they have invented symbols such as "û- in the representation of a smile, they have abbreviated words forming another alienated word such as the phrase laugh out loud' becoming LOL' in the world of texting, and they have even changed the spellings of short words by cutting down a letter or two to save space. All these as solutions to the problem and because of the continuous process of trying to minimize words, its users have quite gotten used to it they are now forgetting the proper use of grammar in english. According to an article in Sunday Herald, one of the teachers in an elementary school in Chicago complained that time when her students returned an essay to her, she could not understand anything written in it because every word was like hieroglyph that needed to be deciphered.

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