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            Probation over the past decade has become the sentence that is ruled more than any other. With prisons flowing full of criminals, alternative sentencing has been the top choice when dealing with adult violent offenders. Probation population has become almost two times the size compared to prison population. The number of offenders has doubled when statistics are compared over that past decades. Probation officers today deal with supervisions like house arrests and electric monitoring. These enforcements in some areas will charge certain fines and fees for these extra services. Probation and Parole officers will also help in treatment and rehabilitation of the offenders. They help them with finding jobs and aid in keeping strong ties in their family atmosphere. These cases can be somewhat difficult or surprisingly very complex. .
             Another way probation is used is through community services. Community based services require the cooperation of its neighbors and the resources to make this a valid option. It requires the officers to find and keep contact with their offenders to make sure no harm or crime is committed. The main objective in community-based programs of probation is keeping the community safe. In doing this the community will cooperate also, which making resources very open.
             The study is comparing the differences between rural and urban probation among adult offenders in Illinois counties. There is one state out of 9 states where probation is offered at a local level. In all of the states the state level deals them with. They support the ideas of probation that have a closer relationship, and keep better contact to see their outcomes. This way the courts can make better decisions and help each offender as an individual. .
             The data that was gathered from Illinois adult probation records for one month. The primary focus in this case was to compare these statistics for future rulings in the courts.

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