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EE Cummings

             "Ride a watersmooth-silver/ stallion (4-5)," only a poem would allow somebody to imagine a dream like that. Poets have become very famous for the special talent inside, that make people think about everything by just reading a poem. One poet in particular is ee cummings. Cummings brings into the poems many special aspect of life that either there have been encounters with or others have been through. Cummings through many poems shows a different style of writing which makes the poems interesting to read. With the style of writing cummings shows themes such as nature, human spirit, death, and hatred.
             Cummings broke into the world of poetry and broke every rule. Crossing boundaries no other poet had. "If a poet is anybody, he is somebody to whom things made matter very little- somebody who is obsessed by Making" (Berry 6). He had a very unique form that changed poetry forever. His mother encouraged him to use his mind and that's where cumming's skill comes from. By the end of college he was ready to leave Cambridge and go places:.
             . the Cambridge ladies do not care, above.
             Cambridge if sometimes in its box of .
             sky lavender and cornerless, the.
             moon rattles like a fragment of angry candy (11-14).
             After his departures from Cambridge, World War I, started and he was drafted. Being suspected of being a German spy, he was sent to prison and that's where the first publication was inspired. The book The Enormous Room recounts the time in prison: .
             I lift my eyes. I am standing in a tiny oblong space. A sort of court. All around, .
             two-story wooden barracks. Little crude staircases lead up to doors heavily .
             chained and immensely padlocked. More like ladders than stairs. Curious hewn .
             windows, smaller in proportion than the slits in a doll's house (1-7).
             With the war under his belt, he then had a new way of thinking.

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