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Literary View of

            Throughout the world, artists of all forms will use certain forms of writing, speech and visual interpretation to express the ideas of their stories to their audience. With these methods, they can persuade people, so that they see their point-of-view. .
             They may take place in three different ways. First, they might persuade you by appealing to the personality of a person or his or her character. They may also make a connection with a person by appealing to their emotions through fear, laughter, or just by making a connection with a situation that that person has been through. Finally, an artist may make a connection with his audience by appealing to their logical thinking.
             Of all the choices that the artist can use to have in their piece of art, there are many that are very evident in the song written by the Eagles. In this piece of music, we are told a story about a man who comes along a hotel in his travels. He is drawn into this place by it's a sense of security and warmth, but in the end he realizes that the place is really messed up and needs to get out. .
             First, we can see the use of word to make a connection with the audience through the sharing of an event that he has experienced in his life, which helps to build strong character and to give the author credibility with his experience. The choice of voice that is used throughout the song is also very helpful with making a better connection with the story. The author uses a voice that almost sounds naive to what he is getting into in the song. This will make people feel for the character in the story and to build a personal connection with him. In regard to the use of a grammatical person, this story is mostly dominated by the use of a first person approach with "I". The use of this type of person helps to create a lot less distance between them and the writer and create a sense of honesty from him. Next, another very important method that is used to help build a sort of connection, is the type of tense and voice that is used.

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