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Violence in Films

             "Adriane Hunter, 27; Brenda Whiteside, 20; Juliana Frank, 29; Angela Hopkins, 23; Christine Klebbe, 14; and Laurette Riviere, 34." ("Confessed"). All six of these women tragically fell victim to a murderer who was inspired by a well known film. For as long as films have been around as entertainment, movie violence has always caused controversy. Some believe that violence in movies can promote violence in reality. It is not uncommon to see wild fights and brutal murders complete with blood and gore on the big screen. However, crimes and murders from different kinds of movies are being imitated and acted upon. Those cases have definitely made us realize the amount of power and the great effect that the media has on people. From 1991 through 1992, thirty-two year old Nathaniel White went on a year-long killing spree, murdering five innocent women and one teenage girl. White was said to have been inspired by violent scenes of the film Robocop. Although entertaining and exciting for many of its viewers to watch, violence in movies definitely have the capability and the power to influence people. They can be a powerful influence on the viewers" perception of life and living, and can lead to them being unable to differentiate fiction and reality. .
             Nathaniel White was a man who went on a year-long killing spree after allegedly being inspired by the numerous Robocop movies. It all started on March 25, 1991, when Juliana Frank was found brutally stabbed and her body dumped on abandoned railroad tracks in Middletown. Then in the month of July, Laurette Huggins Reviere was also found stabbed to death in her Middletown apartment. Less than three weeks later Adriane Marcette Hunter was found dead behind an old abandoned diner in Goshen. Brenda L. Whiteside of Elmsford, her cousin Angela Hopkins of Poughkeepsie, and Christine M. Klebbe, of Goshen were also all reported missing that same month.

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